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>    I tried to compile your "DumpNetcdf.java" program, but
> I received 1 error message.  The error message was:
> "DumpNetcdf.java:123: Class ucar.demo.MultiArrayProxy not found.
>     new MultiArrayProxy(ma, new SliceMap(0, ii));"
>    I assume this class is located in "ucar.demo".  Please
> tell me how I can download this package, ( provided it is needed).
>    Do you know where this class is located ?  Is it in the
> "ucar.demo" package ?  
> (My classpath includes netcdf2All.jar and classes12.zip.)

It looks like you are trying to use old example code with a new
library that uses a different interface.  Since the new version has no
MultiArrayProxy class, you are getting the error message.

DumpNetcdf.java was originally an example program for using the Java
version 1 interface, which we no longer recommend.  The Java version 2
interface is more efficient, simpler, and provides better support for
remote access.  I've annotated the example programs for version 1 that
are still on the web with a note to use the version 2 interface

The source for DumpNetcdf.java using the version 2 interface is at:


which is in the NetCDF Java (version 2) User's Manual, available in
HTML, Word, and PDF form from the "User's documentation" links at




Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                     http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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