Re: in memory netcdf

The latest release of netcdf java
( has a contributed class which does what you want. We havent finished
integrating it by adding a NetcdfFile constuctor for it, but that wouldnt be
hard (see public NetcdfFile(URL url)). I could add that if you are
interested, and willing to test it.

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> >Subject: Re: 20020327: in memory netcdf
> >Organization: NOAA/FSL
> Hi Ara,
> > don't know if you recall my name, but i was one of the early users of
> > netcdf java library a few years back.  in any case, i've switched
> > departments here at fsl and am now in the ITS group responsible for the
> > realtime data ingest.  we're currently in the process of revamping our
> > systems design and implementation language (c -->> c++).  i'm working on
> > generic handling of point data and need a good general data structure in
> > which to store all point data for eventual munging into output files of
> > either netcdf or grib format.  netcdf itself would be an ideal data
> > structure as the metadata contained in the file is complete enough for
> > purposes (with some creative uses of attributes) and the typed accessor
> > methods (c++ interface) are exactly the type of thing needed.
> >
> > my problem is that any use of netcdf requires a disk hit to read in an
> > existing cdf (output of ncgen) and each subsequent put/get also hits
> > i'm looking into replacing the IO layer (posixio.c) with a layer that
> > operates entirely in memory.  that would leave only the hit to read in
> > existing template (i'm also planning on looking at ncgen to see if it
> > could be modified to place a netcdf file structure in memory instead of
> > disk).  eg. i want to eliminate most, if not all, of the disk accesses
> > the c/c++ netcdf api.
> >
> > alternatively, applying the same set of requirements, and availibility
> > a constructor to the NcVar class might prove sufficient for our
> >
> > my questions are :
> >
> > * do you know of any work along these lines, 3rd party or
> > otherwise?
> Andrew Janke <janke@xxxxxxxxxxx> proposed implementing something
> similar in the Java interface, which you can read about in this reply
> from John Caron to his question:
> Glenn Davis also once implemented an experimental memory-mapped
> version of the i/o layer for netCDF 3.4 built on top of Unix mmap(2),
> which is described here:
> and available in this file:
> that saves some disk I/O.
> > * am i completely off base in thinking the IO layer could be
> > replaced with an in memory IO layer
> >
> > any input appreciated, i was planning on cc'ing john caron on this as
> > but have lost his email.
> The I/O layer could be replaced with an in-memory layer.  But if you
> just want to access a small slice of data from a huge file, using
> random-access to read from the disk is cheaper than reading the whole
> file into memory first before you try to access the data slice from
> the in-memory copy.  But it sounds like that's not a concern for your
> application.
> By the way, Charlie Zender has developed a new C++ interface to
> netCDF, known as libnco_c++, which he describes in this netcdfgroup
> posting:
> which emphasizes easy migration from the C interface ...
> --Russ

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