Re: [netcdf-hdf] script to compile parallel hdf5

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I was going to reply you on the hdf-forum list, but saw your mail here.

Could you please send me config.log file (in the top directory). Information 
you provide is not enough.

Thank you!

Elena Pourmal  The HDF Group   
1800 So. Oak St., Suite 203, Champaign IL 61820

On Sep 6, 2012, at 4:47 PM, ldfowler wrote:

> Hi:
> I have been trying for the longest time to compile the hdf5 library with the 
> --enable-parallel option so that I can then compile netCDF with HDF on my 
> MacBook Pro using Lion (10.7.4). I have been in touch with the hdf-forum 
> mailing list but I have not gotten any response. I assume that some of you 
> must have gone through the same steps to install hdf5 parallel. May be one of 
> you can help me figure out what I am doing wrong?
> Here are my settings:
> FC=mpif90
> CC=mpicc
> sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/hdf5-1.8.9-gfortran --enable-parallel 
> --enable-fortran --with-zlib=/usr/local/zlib-1.2.7-gfortran/
> I have tested my mpich2 implementation and know that to works. I am getting 
> the following error message:
> checking for API tracing... no
> checking for instrumented library... no
> checking whether to clear file buffers... yes
> checking whether a memory checking tool will be used... no
> checking for parallel support files... provided by compiler
> checking for MPI_Init in -lmpi... no
> checking for MPI_Init in -lmpich... no
> checking for
>            include 'mpif.h'
>            integer:: ierr
>            call mpi_file_open( ierr ) in -lmpi... ./configure: line 27480: 
> ${ac_cv_lib_mpi_ ____________include__mpif_h_ ____________integer___ierr 
> ____________call_mpi_file_open__ierr__+:}: bad substitution
> ./configure: line 27496: ac_cv_lib_mpi_: command not found
> ./configure: line 27497: ____________include__mpif_h_: command not found
> ./configure: line 27498: ____________integer___ierr: command not found
> ./configure: line 27502: ____________include__mpif_h_: command not found
> yes
> checking prefix for running on one processor... 
> checking prefix for running in parallel... 
> checking whether a simple MPI-IO program can be linked... no
> configure: error: unable to link a simple MPI-IO application
> I checked my mpi implementation. The subroutine mpi_file_open is in mpio.h 
> and not in mpif.h. So I am not sure why configure points to mpif.h and not 
> mpio.h. I do not know how to proceed from there from folks on the netcdf 
> side. Any suggestion?
> Thanks,
> Laura
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