[netcdf-hdf] excuse me.. I have some question about conversion netcdf4 to hdf5

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hello, I'm bonho gu from inha university student in south korea.
I'm interasting 'FVCOM model' for sediment transport and using visualization 
tool 'Tecplot'.
FVCOM can make output file by netcdf and Tecplot can load data in hdf or hdf5.
so I'm studying how to convert netcdf-4 to tecplot (because netcdf-4 can be 
connect to hdf5 and Tecplot has hdf5 data loader)
but It is not complete :(
and I don't know how solve the problem.. (although I found information that is 
can be solve the problem from so many web site such as fvcom, netcdf, tecplot, 
therefore I want to discussion with netCDF and NCSA's HDF5 merger about this 
Plz... Help me!
next sentence is about the problem//
I did installed netcdf-4 with hdf5 on linux in my computer
and I made FVCOM sample file by netcdf-4
so my result(ex, output.nc) contact to Tecplot HDF5 data loader but error 
happen to here! :(
but other sample file(hdf5 file) can be load to tecplot... therefore It is not 
tecplot system error and It is problem how to convert...
I kown that Every netCDF-4 or netCDF-4 classic model file can be read or 
written by the HDF5 library, version 1.8 or later, so in that respect netCDF-4 
files are already HDF5 files and need no conversion.
but why cannot I do that... :(
sample file by me is incomplete? It's my mistake config in FVCOM model setup? 
exactly, I did installed and using that (in my opinion..)
I really want to know 'how to draw plot FVCOM model to Tecplot(=how to draw 
plot NetCDF file to HDF5 visualization tools)'
one more question, that is how to convert file netcdf-4(*.nc) to HDF5(*.h5). 
I'll wait for your answer..
have a good time ~ ;)
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