[netcdf-hdf] HDF compile error

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I am trying to compile LIS-WRF (a coupled land-atmosphere model) on a Linux cluster using Intel Fortran 90 and MPI with NetCDF and HDF libraries.

This is the link command:

mpif90 -o wrf.exe -g -traceback -fpe1 -convert big_endian wrf.o libwrflib.a -L../external/io_netcdf -lwrfio_nf -L/usr/local/other/netcdf/3.6.2_intel-10.1.013/lib -lnetcdf -L../ external/RSL_LITE -lrsl_lite -L../external/io_int -lwrfio_int -L../external/io_grib1 -lio_grib1 -L../external/io_grib_share -lio_grib_share
   ../frame/module_internal_header_util.o ../frame/pack_utils.o
   -L../external/esmf_time_f90 -lesmf_time
../lis/lib/read_grib/readgrib.a ../lis/lib/grib/griblib.a ../lis/ lib/w3lib/libw3.a -L/discover/nobackup/projects/lis/ esmf_2_2_2rp3_intel_10_1_017_impi_3_2_011/lib/libO/Linux.intel. 64.mpi.default
   -lesmf -lnetcdf_stubs -lstdc++ -lrt
-L/usr/local/other/baselibs/ESMF222rp3_NetCDF362b6_10.1.017/Linux/ lib -lhdfeos -lGctp -lmfhdf -ldf -ljpeg -lz -lm -lsz

I get the following warnings:

/usr/local/other/baselibs/ESMF222rp3_NetCDF362b6_10.1.017/Linux/lib/ libmfhdf.a(var.o): In function `NC_var_shape':
var.c:(.text+0x7cc): multiple definition of `NC_var_shape'
/usr/local/other/netcdf/3.6.2_intel-10.1.013/lib/libnetcdf.a(var.o):/ usr/local/other/netcdf-3.6.2/libsrc/var.c:361: first defined hereld: Warning: size of symbol `NC_var_shape' changed from 548 in /usr/local/ other/netcdf/3.6.2_intel-10.1.013/lib/libnetcdf.a(var.o) to 602 in / usr/local/other/baselibs/ESMF222rp3_NetCDF362b6_10.1.017/Linux/lib/ libmfhdf.a(var.o)

What does this mean, exactly? Is there a conflict between HDF and NetCDF, or do I not have the right versions?

I can compile LIS only (without WRF) using the following command, and everthing works fine.

mpif90 -o /home/cbblanke/nobackup//LIS   A_BUNCH_OF_FILES.o
../lib/w3lib/libw3.a ../lib/read_grib/readgrib.a ../lib/grib/ griblib.a -lmpi
   -L/usr/local/other/netcdf/3.6.2_intel-10.1.013/lib -lnetcdf
-L/discover/nobackup/projects/lis/ esmf_2_2_2rp3_intel_10_1_017_impi_3_2_011/lib/libO/Linux.intel. 64.mpi.default
   -lesmf -lnetcdf_stubs -lstdc++ -lrt
-L/usr/local/other/baselibs/ESMF222rp3_NetCDF362b6_10.1.017/Linux/ lib/ -lhdfeos -lGctp -L/usr/local/other/baselibs/ESMF222rp3_NetCDF362b6_10.1.017/Linux/ lib -lmfhdf -ldf -ljpeg -lz -lm -lsz

Any advice would be appreciated.


Clay Blankenship                 * USRA Research Scientist
clay.b.blankenship@xxxxxxxx      * 256-961-7638
320 Sparkman Drive               * Huntsville, AL 35805
National Space Science and Technology Center

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