[netcdf-hdf] NetCDF4 performance benchmark report

NOTE: The netcdf-hdf mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.


The HDF Group recently  has prepared a report on the performance of netCDF-4
that uses benchmarks and examples to:
-  compare the performance of netCDF-3 and netCDF-4
-  discuss performance tuning with netCDF-4
-  discuss performance pitfalls with netCDF-4

Some of the performance tuning and pitfalls discussions may also be of
interest to users of HDF5 who do not use netCDF-4.
The report is available at http://www.hdfgroup.org/pubs/papers/2008-06_netcdf4_perf_report.pdf

Kent Yang from the HDF Group

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