[netcdf-hdf] Fortran parallel IO in netcdf-beta2/hdf5

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I've been trying to use parallel IO through the Fortran90 interface with some 
success.  Since there was no fortran test program, I created one based on 
tst_parallel.c and tst_parallel3.c, and is available here:


It tests MPIIO and MPIPOSIX with independent and collective IO (i.e., 4 
combinations) and timings for each combination.  It has been tested on 4 
systems so far.  2 shared memory machines: Intel Mac Pro (OS 10.5.2/ifort 
10.1/gcc/mpich2); SGI Altix (BX2?/SUSE linux/ifort 10.1/icc); and 2 clusters 
(one with Itanium2 processors, one with Xeon, both with mvapich and Intel9 
compilers over infiniband).  

In general, COLLECTIVE with MPIPOSIX has given the best performance, but on the 
itanium2 cluster is still much slower than having each processor write 
separately (open/write/close) in round-robin fashion to a netcdf3 or netcdf4 
file (at least for a small number of processors), but I still need to test how 
it scales.   The MPIPOSIX tests failed when I increased from 3 to 6 processors 
(2 processors did not write their data for the second time level).  I tried 
adding an MPI_BARRIER after each time the file is closed, but that did not seem 
to help.

On the Mac I get errors from COLLECTIVE with MPIIO:

[cli_1]: aborting job:
Fatal error in MPI_Type_free: Invalid datatype, error stack:
MPI_Type_free(145): MPI_Type_free(datatype_p=0x100840a70) failed
MPI_Type_free(96).: Cannot free permanent data type 
HDF5: infinite loop closing library

The HDF5 test program "testphdf5" does not generate any obvious errors, 
however, and I think it is testing all 4 file IO combinations also. Also, 
tst_parallel3 runs without errors.  So I wonder if there could be an issue 
netcdf4 fortran interface?  (I've seen this error in earlier versions of 
hdf5v1.8 with various netcdf4 snapshots).

If anybody finds problems with the test program, please let me know!

-- Ted
| Edward Mansell
| NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory
| Norman, OK 73072
| "The contents of this message are mine personally and 
| do not necessarily reflect any position of the U.S. Government or NOAA."

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