Re: [netcdf-hdf] what the heck is fletcher32 all about, anyway?

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Here is some documentation on Fletcher32

This document describes the final design and implementation

Checksum is ON by default, i.e read operation will fail, but there is an API that allows you to disable checksum and get data back.


At 8:25 AM -0700 2/21/08, Ed Hartnett wrote:
Howdy Guys!

With the release of HDF5 1.8.0 I am taking a spin through the netCDF-4

I realize that there is very little said about the fletcher32
filter. Because I really don't know anything about it.

I know you can turn it on with netCDF-4! But I don't know why you
would want to.

In the HDF5 docs I find very little, only that this is the "Fletcher32
checksum filter."

What happens if the checksum doesn't add up when reading the data?



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