[netcdf-hdf] extension for netcdf-hdf merger

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I did not see this addressed in the mailing list. 
Perhaps, this has not been pondered.

The netCDF v3 file extension has been generally
accepted to be ".nc".  The new netCDF-HDF5 merger will
write ".h5" HDF5 files.  However, the API can not read
a general HDF5.  But, only an HDF5 file that was
written by this API.

So, has there been thought to a file extension that
might represent a new netCDF-HDF5 file?  If I give
someone a .nc file (which is really an HDF5 file),
they will not be able to read it unless they have
recompiled with the new library.  If, however, I send
them, say, a ".nc4" file.  They will know immediately
that this is a "new" HD5-based netCDF file.  Whew!



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