Re: [netcdf-hdf] netcdf-beta-4/HDF5 build problem with H5Adelete

Hi Ed,

Thanks very much for getting back to me.

It's a bit confusing to work with two packages, but there is no beta4
of netCDF 4.0. There has only been one netCDF-4 beta release.

Oops.  Yes it is confusing.

The HDF5-1.8.0-beta4 release contains many changes and a few known
issues. Until the issues are resolved it will not work with netCDF-4.

To build netCDF-4, get the netCDF-4 snapshot release here:

Also get the HDF5 release on that page (which is a pre-beta4 snapshot
of HDF5 which works with netCDF-4). Then build according to the
instructions here:

The HDF5 team have already been notified of the issues in beta4, and
they will be issuing a beta5 release sometime in the next few weeks to
correct them. At that time, netCDF-4 will be tested with their beta

I've just tried this and ran into a few problems (make check fails for the HDF5 installation and if I proceed with the netCDF-4 install then I get seemingly-fundamental compilation errors (undeclared variables). I'd be happy to pass on details of these errors if they'd be useful. Otherwise, I think I'll back off on HDF5 and just play with straight netCDF-4 for a bit.