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Elena Pourmal <epourmal@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ed,
> I am curious on which system did it happen. I can suspect only Solaris.
> Elena

Well despite your suspicions it was linux!

But it is my development machine,which has a lot of weird stuff going

Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Here's some more detail on what we expect netCDF 4 to be able to
do. Please let me know what you think...

* NetCDF File Format Compatability

** NetCDF 4 uses HDF5 as it's storage layer.

** NetCDF 4 can also create/read/modify files created with previous
   versions of netCDF, using the original netCDF data format.

** If the user opens an old netCDF file, and attempts to modify it,
   NetCDF 4 will stick with the (old) netCDF file format. New API
   features (like bit-packing) won't work on these files.

** There will be a way for users to cause an old netCDF file to be
   copied into the new HDF5 data format.

** NetCDF 4 can read files created with HDF5, but some features will be
   inaccessible (rasters, for example). Certain group conventions may
   be required for a HDF5 file to be accessible via netCDF.

** NetCDF 4 can't read HDF 4 files.

** NetCDF 4 has no knowledge of HDF-EOS.

* NetCDF API Backward Compatibility

** Interface will be added to, but all existing function calls will
   remain the same, so that programs written for netCDF 3.x will work
   for netCDF 4.0 with a simple compile.

** By default, the netCDF 4 API creates HDF5 files. A renamed set of
   functions allows access to the original 3.x netCDF functions, which
   allow the users to create netCDF format files.

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