howdy all!

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Howdy all!

I'm Ed. I've been hired here at UCAR to work on netCDF 4.

I don't know who else is on this list, but I intend to use it to
communicate with anyone who might be interested in the merger of HDF5
and netCDF.

Russ, John, Robert, and I had a meeting here yesterday. From that
meeting, and other sources, here is my understanding of the feature
set of netCDF 4, in approximate order of priority.

* All features of netCDF 3.6
* Use of HDF5 for file storage
* Backward file-format compatibility
* Backward API compatibility
* Each var to have independent unlimited dimension
* Anonymous dimensions
* Bit packing
* Chunking
* Parallel I/O
* (Unicode/ASCII) String data type
* User-defined structs in data
* Upgrades to ncgen/ncdump/NCL to reflect new features

Is there anything missing? Anything that should be removed? Anything
that should be reprioritized?



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