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Hi Ed,

On Apr 25, 2007, at 4:08 PM, Ed Hartnett wrote:

Howdy all HDF5 people!

I have a question about the possible sizes of HDF5 datasets.

What is the maximum size of a HDF5 dataset?

I have searched the HDF5 docs and can't find an answer to this

If you can refer me to a place in the docs where this is discussed,
that would be very helpful.

Probably someone else can help you with a citation from the documentation, I'm responding with respect to the library internals: The library currently allows up to 32 dimension dataspaces, and each dimension can have up to an unsigned 64-bit value. Each datatype can be somewhat arbitrarily large, since you can have array datatypes or compound datatypes that are very large. Multiplying those two factors together gives you a theoretical upper limit probably in the thousands of bits of for a dataset's size. However, the library currently only supports 64-bit offsets (although that's easily adjustable when we need files over 16 exabytes... ;-), so that's the practical upper limit.


P.S. - Yes, I really am on vacation, I just am reading some e-mail before going to sleep... :-)

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