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> What should be the default fill value of an unsigned int in f90, given
> that there are no unsigned types in F90?
> As F90 users, what would you like to do with a file which contains
> unsigned ints? Read them into a larger type?
> What about 64-bit unsigned ints? Can F90 make any use of such data?
> Any input appreciated, from any Fortran user...

I think you should use -1 in the parameter statements for
nf90_fill_ubyte, nf90_fill_ushort, and nf90_fill_uint.  That's the
same value that actually gets assigned using the typeless hexadecimal
constants Z'FF', Z'FFFF', and Z'FFFFFFFF', which are technically
outside the range of signed ints (hence the error message).  So -1
gives you the same value without the errors and it's portable.


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