Re: netcdf-4.0-beta1 release now available on netCDF web site...

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Hi Ed:

Well, this is going to sound familiar. I tried 3 different versions of gfortran and none of them work. In each case I used setenv to make certain which gfortran was being used, and did env to double check that my environment was indeed set correctly. The gfortran binaries directly from the gfortran site fail because they do not accept a file with the extension .f90 (if there is a way around that let me know). There is a gfortran that comes with R, and a gfortran at:

Both of these fail with the same error, which is (and which is exactly what I got with the alpha version)

make  all-recursive
Making all in f90
/bin/sh ../libtool --mode=compile gfortran -I../libsrc4 -I. -g -O2 -c -o typeSizes.lo typeSizes.f90 libtool: compile: gfortran -I../libsrc4 -I. -g -O2 -c typeSizes.f90 -o typeSizes.o /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=compile gfortran -I../libsrc4 -I. -g -O2 -c -o netcdf4.lo netcdf4.f90 libtool: compile: gfortran -I../libsrc4 -I. -g -O2 -c netcdf4.f90 - o netcdf4.o
    Included at netcdf4.f90:43:

     nf90_fill_ubyte  = Z'FF',                           &
Error: Arithmetic overflow converting INTEGER(8) to INTEGER(1) at (1)
    Included at netcdf4.f90:43:

     nf90_fill_ushort = Z'FFFF',                         &
Error: Arithmetic overflow converting INTEGER(8) to INTEGER(2) at (1)
    Included at netcdf4.f90:43:

     nf90_fill_uint   = Z'FFFFFFFF'
Error: Arithmetic overflow converting INTEGER(8) to INTEGER(4) at (1)
make[2]: *** [netcdf4.lo] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

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