Re: new alpha release of netCDF-4 on the ftp site...

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"Roy Mendelssohn" <Roy.Mendelssohn@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> This does not seem to contain instructions specific to netcdf4.  In
> particular, is this an all-in-one install, so that the right hdf5 is
> installed, or do I need to install hdf5 also?  If the latter, which
> version of hdf5 do I need to get for maximum compatibility?
> TIA,
> -Roy M.

Howdy Roy!

Thanks for pointing this out!

I am in the process of updating the netCDF-4 on-line documentation
today. Here's part of the revised installation manual, which will
answer your above questions.



2 Quick Instructions for Installing NetCDF on Unix

   For netCDF-4 to work, you must have HDF5, version 1.7.52. You must
also have the zlib compression library, version 1.2.3. Both of these
packages are available from the netCDF-4 ftp site at

   You must build zlib first, with the usual:

     ./configure --prefix=/home/ed/local && make install

   Then you build HDF5, specifying the location of the zlib library:

     ./configure --with-zlib=/home/ed/local --prefix=/home/ed/local && make 

   Then you build netcdf-4 with the following configure options:
     ./configure --enable-netcdf4 --with-hdf5=/home/ed/local 
     make check install

   The configure script will try to find necessary tools in your path.
When you run configure you may optionally use the -prefix argument to
change the default installation directory. For example, the above
examples install the zlib, HDF5, and netCDF-4 libraries in
/home/ed/local/lib, the header file in /home/ed/local/include, and the
utilities in /home/ed/local/bin.

   The default install root is /usr/local (so there's no need to use the
prefix argument if you want the software installed there).

   Without the -enable-netcdf-4 argument, the netCDF-4 HDF5 features
will not be available. Without the -with-hdf5 option, netCDF-4 will not
know where to find HDF5.

   By default the netCDF configuration will build static libraries
only. For shared libraries as well, use the -enable-shared option to
Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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