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Elena Pourmal <epourmal@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi Ed,
> Greetings from Rome :-)
> I agree with Albert that the first thing will be to check compilers' 
> versions.
> I will be back in ChamÃpaign in two days and will try to help.
> Elena 


I've always wanted to go there! All roads lead to Rome, but mine
hasn't yet. So far, it's led to Lafayette, Colorado. But who knows?
After all, Rome has been there a long time, so it will wait for me.

Meanwhile, I tried again with the lastest development snapshot,
1.7.52, and got the same error (below).

The compiler gives me the following version information:

bash-3.1$ c99 -v
MIPSpro Compilers: Version 7.4.3m

The system is:

bash-3.1$ uname -a
IRIX64 flip 6.5 01062343 IP30

The error I get is:

 -DH5D_DEBUG -UNDEBUG -I/home/ed/local/flip/include -ptus\
ed -LANG:std -woff 1209,3201 -Wl,-woff,47,-woff,84,-woff,85,-woff,134
 -g -fullwarn -c H5Ztrans.c -o H5Ztrans.o >/dev/null 2>&\
/bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC --mode=link c99  -woff 1209,3201
 -Wl,-woff,47,-woff,84,-woff,85,-woff,134 -g -fullwarn   -L/home/\
ed/local/flip/lib -o -rpath /home/ed/local/flip/lib
 -version-info 3:1:2 H5.lo H5A.lo H5AC.lo H5B.lo H5Bcache.lo H5\
B2.lo H5B2cache.lo H5B2dbg.lo H5B2test.lo H5BP.lo H5BPcache.lo
 H5BPdbg.lo H5BPtest.lo H5BT.lo H5BTbtree2.lo H5BTcache.lo H5BT\
dbg.lo H5BTtest.lo H5C.lo H5D.lo H5Dcontig.lo H5Dcompact.lo H5Defl.lo
 H5Dio.lo H5Distore.lo H5Dmpio.lo H5Dselect.lo H5Dtest.l\
o H5E.lo H5F.lo H5Fdbg.lo H5Fmount.lo H5Fsfile.lo H5Fsuper.lo H5FD.lo
 H5FDcore.lo H5FDfamily.lo H5FDfphdf5.lo H5FDlog.lo H5FD\
mpi.lo H5FDmpio.lo H5FDmpiposix.lo H5FDmulti.lo H5FDsec2.lo
 H5FDstdio.lo H5FDstream.lo H5FL.lo H5FO.lo H5FP.lo H5FPclient.lo \
H5FPserver.lo H5FS.lo H5G.lo H5Gent.lo H5Gnode.lo H5Gstab.lo H5HG.lo
 H5HGdbg.lo H5HL.lo H5HLdbg.lo H5HP.lo H5I.lo H5MF.lo H5M\
M.lo H5MP.lo H5MPtest.lo H5O.lo H5Oattr.lo H5Obogus.lo H5Ocont.lo
 H5Odtype.lo H5Oefl.lo H5Ofill.lo H5Olayout.lo H5Omtime.lo H\
5Oname.lo H5Onull.lo H5Opline.lo H5Osdspace.lo H5Oshared.lo H5Ostab.lo
 H5P.lo H5Pdcpl.lo H5Pdxpl.lo H5Pfapl.lo H5Pfcpl.lo H5P\
gcpl.lo H5Pocpl.lo H5Ptest.lo H5R.lo H5RC.lo H5RS.lo H5S.lo H5Sall.lo
 H5Shyper.lo H5Smpio.lo H5Snone.lo H5Spoint.lo H5Sselect\
.lo H5Stest.lo H5SH.lo H5SHcache.lo H5SHdbg.lo H5SL.lo H5ST.lo H5T.lo
 H5Tarray.lo H5Tbit.lo H5Tcommit.lo H5Tcompound.lo H5Tco\
nv.lo H5Tcset.lo H5Tenum.lo H5Tfields.lo H5Tfixed.lo H5Tfloat.lo
 H5Tinit.lo H5Tnative.lo H5Toffset.lo H5Topaque.lo H5Torder.l\
o H5Tpad.lo H5Tprecis.lo H5Tstrpad.lo H5Tvlen.lo H5TS.lo H5V.lo H5Z.lo
 H5Zdeflate.lo H5Zfletcher32.lo H5Znbit.lo H5Zshuffle.l\
o H5Zszip.lo H5Zscaleoffset.lo H5Ztrans.lo  -lCio -lz -lm
libtool: link: `H5.lo' is not a valid libtool object
make[1]: *** [] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ed/downloads/hdf5-1.7.52/src'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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