Re: more enum questions...

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Quincey Koziol <koziol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> 1 - Why is H5Tenum_create not used?
>     It certainly could have been, there's no particular advantage one way or
> the other (currently).  In the future, if we allow enums to have non-integer
> base types (like an enum of floating-point values, with PI, E, etc. defined),
> we'll encourage more people to use H5Tcreate_enum().

I have tested, and, as you say, either function works. I will use
H5Tenum_create(). (That's what you meant right? There's not *another*
function called H5Tcreate_enum, is there? ;-)

>> 2 - In the above case, how does HDF5 choose the underlying integer
>> type? Obviously it will be a short, but signed or unsigned? Big,
>> little, or native endian? Or does it not matter?
>     If you use H5Tcreate(), it uses the smallest "native" [signed] integer 
> that
> will hold the number of bytes passed in for the size.

Since I am going to use H5Tcreate_enum I will be explicitly providing
the type, so I don't have to worry about signed and unsigned



Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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