use of H5Gget_objinfo

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Howdy HDF5 Folk!

As suggested in the ref manual I am using H5Gget_objinfo to test for
the existence of an object in a HDF5 file.

When I pass NULL as the last argument, I get a segmentation
fault. When I pass in a valid hunk of memory, it works.

I believe the docs say that I can pass a NULL here to test for object
existence without caring about the contents of the H5G_stat_t

Here's the code that works:

                  H5G_stat_t info;
                  if (H5Gget_objinfo(grp->hdf_grpid, var->name, 1, &info) >= 0)

Sorry, I'm blazing through something here and don't have time to
isolate this one in it's own program yet...



Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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