Re: when will HDF5 support Unicode?

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Here is the current plan to provide limited support for unicode for HDF5-1.8.0.


1. one new character encoding, UTF-8, will be added for user data types, i.e., datasets with string data. This is a straightforward extension of
    the current string data types.

2. a new property when creating links (i.e., creating objects or adding
    to groups), to specify either ASCII or UTF-8.
   - default will be 'ASCII' (for backward compatibility)
- query will tell the encoding, one of (UNKNOWN, ASCII, UTF-8). Older
     files will return UNKNOWN
   - the link names will not be checked, i.e., we won't check that it
     is legal UTF-8.

Other unicode support will be considered at a later date.

On 2005.05.05 16:17 Russ Rew wrote:
> We've had several discussions of UTF-8 support.  The current ideas
> incorporated in a RFC at:
> Close reading of this RFC will indicate that we know how to support
> UTF-8 for user data, but support for UTF-8 for names is still TBD.

I would consider supporting only UTF-8 for names but permit users to
specify other encodings as well for user data, for two reasons:

 - fixed-width encodings (like UCS2) permit quick access to the nth
   character in a string

 - other encodings may permit more compact representation than UTF-8
   for strings that contain a lot of non-ASCII characters

Joel Spolsky's column is a good introduction to some Unicode issues,
but I recommend this article for developers:

For example, the above gives examples of some of the complications in
sorting datasets alphabetically in a Group if you support Unicode
names.  You might need to use the "Unicode Collation Algorithm" in
that case.  Fortunately, there are open source implementations for
things in ICU (International Components For Unicode):


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