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On 2005.03.31 09:32 John Caron wrote:

since its also in the sequential version, i guess the question is, do you know if WRF is planning on using either version?


Kent will have a better idea than I do about what the current thinking
is for WRF.

My own view is that I'd like to redesign the HDF5-WRF IO module when
netCDF4 is up and running.  I'd like the HDF5 and netcdf4 files to be
as similar as possible.

Also, some of the improvements we are putting in HDF5 will make it
possible to do the WRF files better.

I would like to consider the current HDF5 WRF IO as a prototype, but
not the final way to do it.

But this is all my hope, I can't guarantee that it will havppen.

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