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As a Java developer I was happy to stumble across the web site for netcdf-java today.

However I was a tiny bit concerned that the netcdf-java page describes version 2.1 as "a prototype for the NetCDF-4 project". Prototypes in some meanings of the word tend to be things that are developed and then discarded. Can you please comment on the medium-term viability of netcdf-java, that is, will it continue to be developed in parallel with NetCDF-4, or will its maintenance come to an end with the release of the C version?

Thanks very much for your answer to this all-important question:-)

Ian Darwin
Toronto Center for Phenogenomics (

Hi Ian:

The netCDF Java library is fully supported Unidata software; its not going away!

The sense of "prototype" that I intended was simply that various design ideas are being tried out in the Java library, with eventual migration to the C library as they prove useful and resources are available. As such, the APIs are a bit more fluid than the C library. It will probably stay rather ahead of the C library development for the forseeable future. The latest version is 2.2.

thanks for your interest.

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