Re: parallel I/O and netCDF-4

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> As far a prerequisites, parallel netcdf 4 will need to have parallel
> hdf5,
> i.e., HDF5 compile with the parallel stuff enabled.

OK, I've added that to the requirements.

Is there an easy way for my program to find out of parallel HDF5 is
installed (like with a function call?)

This is a compile time setting, parallel HDF5 is a different binary. There
are several functions that don't exist in the non-parallel version
of HDF5 (markect with '||' in the Ref. Man).  You will get link errors
if you try to compile with the non-parallel.

On the other hand, the paralell HDF5 will work sequentially, and the
application probably won't notice.

You can tell how the HDF5 library was compiled by looking at the libhdf5.settings

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