Re: Comments on parallel-IO

Hi Russ,

> >  ...  I think there 
> > is also an implicit requirement that all APIs and features
> > from regular netCDF4 work as expected in parallel. (This is the case
> > for HDF5.)
> I notice that the Argonne/Northwestern group says about features not
> yet implemented in their Parallel-NetCDF software:
>   ...
>  - NC_FILL (no plan to implement)
> I'm not sure why they have no plans to implement this, but it may be
> that supporting the fill-value semantics of netCDF-3 to permit
> detection of unwritten values when reading defeats the performance
> gains the parallel interface makes possible.  I think that trade-off
> would be OK (no automatic writing of fill-values when writing in
> parallel) for the sake of performance.
    Hmm, we support fill-values in HDF5 for parallel I/O, so there's no reason
to cut it from the netCDF4 proposed feature list.