netcdf and HDF Explorer

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In last Friday's telecom meeting I forgot to tell that I did a HDF reader 
HDF Explorer

you can download it here

I find it very convenient to quickly analyze HDF5 and HDF files on Windows,
where I do development.
there is also a non downloadable version of the of the program (it generates 
images from datasets) and it is a commercial version 
but I 'll be happy to send you a CD.

I had the idea of making the program to read netcdf files.
I did some tests on including the version 3 of netcdf in HDF Explorer, but there
are problems with this, since HDF has a built in 2.4 netcdf version , and 
conficts arise
(compiler and linking errors).
did you ever tried to link an application with both the 2.4 and v3 libraries ?

however, by a quick look at the manual of v3 , I think I can use the v2.4 
to read the current v3 files . Is that correct ?

looking at the object model of netcdf (which I believe is almost identical of 
HDF SDSs) and at the code of the ncdump, I think
it would be very easy to include netcdf with HDF Explorer, since HDF Explorer 
has a object model that is ready to read and display different file formats 
(HDF and HDF5).

I did not find a version 2.4 on the website. is there one available somewhere ?


</Pedro Vicente>
HDF Group
NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
605 E. Springfield 
Champaign, IL 61820 
Fax: (1)(217) 244-1987 
Phone: (1)(217) 265-0311 

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