NASA-AIST project staff hired

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This is just a brief status update for people on the netcdf-hdf
mailing list.

Yesterday Ed Hartnett accepted a Software Engineer position at
Unidata, and he will be able to start in July.  Ed has previous
experience as a developer and data manager with HDF4 and netCDF.
Robert Lee, a computer science student at Carnegie Mellon, joined
Unidata as a student assistant a couple of weeks ago, and has been
spinning up on netCDF and HDF5 since then.  I'm very happy to have
both Ed and Robert working with us on the project.

I've been participating in our once-every-three-years Unidata User
Workshop all week, so haven't had much time to devote to the project,
but I did submit the necessary "Quad Chart" to NASA.  This is a single
PowerPoint slide that NASA's Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO)
uses to communicate/market key aspects of the project, including
description, objectives, approach, schedule, and a visual or graphic
summarizing the project.  That's a lot to try to convey in one slide,
so it necessarily misses some of the subtleties, but here's a PDF
version, in case you're curious what these look like:  

As you can see, I'm no graphic artist, and chose not to use the NASA
funds to hire one ... :-).

Soon we'll be setting up a project web site and planning a project
kick-off meeting with NCSA folks.  Stay tuned for more details ...



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program

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