Re: question for HDF5 programmers about automatic error printing...

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Hi Ed,

> Albert Cheng <acheng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Hi, Ed,
> > 
> > The default is on--it intends to help "beginners".  So, you need
> > to turn it off per run via H5Eset_auto().  It is also possible for
> > third party libraries (e.g., netCDF) to turn it off during the setup
> > stage if they feel their users do not need the automatic error messages.
> > 
> Can you tell me more about turning it off during the setup stage?
> What do you mean by setup stage? Do you mean when HDF5 is first built?
> Or something else?
    I think Albert meant that you should turn it off (with H5Eset_auto) during
nc4's setup stage (assuming that it has one when it's routines are first
executed by a user application).


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