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At 01:17 PM 12/16/2003, John Caron wrote:

perhaps we should have 3 modes of chunking, that the user can choose:

1) preseve the record oriented nature of our current unlimited dimension to optimize sequential reading of the array. 2) choose an optimal chunk size (some small multiple of disk block size: 8K, 16K, 32K?) and subdivide the dimensions evenly to optimize over all types of subsetting.
   3) full user spec of chunk size and chunk dimension size.

Nice.  We'd want to do some experimentation, but this looks good.

Then, somebody mentioned having a "chunk performance benchmark suite"; people could use this to test those options on their particular system.


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Howdy all!

Another question relating to chunking - if we don't need it (i.e. for
a dataset with no unlimited dimensions), do we still chunk it?

Or is it better to leave it contiguous?

(With the mental reservation that only chunked datasets will be able
to take advantage of compression, when we get to that feature.)



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