Re: distribution musings - install three libraries to get netcdf-4?

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You can configure HDF5 using --disable-production --enable-debug flags.


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On 4 Dec 2003, Ed Hartnett wrote:

> Quincey Koziol <koziol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >     BTW, how are you compiling the code in your distribution?  Are you using
> > the 'h5cc' tool that ships with HDF5?  Are you using autoconf, etc?
> Yes, I'm using h5cc right now, but I have had to modify the options
> that you-all provide to gcc. Specifically I turned off optimization,
> because it makes debugging harder.
> Perhaps you should have a debug version of h5cc? It's hard to debug
> code that has been compiled with -O2!
> I am using autoconf, automake, and will eventually use autolib.
> My automake stuff is working well, my autoconf stuff I've barely
> started on, and the autolib stuff I haven't started on yet.
> Ed

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