Re: why does this give me a segmetation fault?

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Hi Ed,
    Hmm, the program seems to be running fine here.  This is the output:

number of data in dataset: 1
number of data in dataset: 1
the float: 99.900002
number of data in dataset: 2
number of data in dataset: 2
the float: 88.800003

    What machine are you running on?  What version of HDF5?


> Do me a favor, compile and run this program.
> When I chage this program to use a contiguous dataset, and take out
> the H5Dextend call, everything works. But using an extendable dataset,
> it give me a seg fault.
> Obviously I'm doing something wrong with respect to my setting up or
> using the chunked dataset. I'm going to reread the docs and see what
> they say again...
> Ed
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Howdy all!

Seems like an error in the docs. The ref manual sez: (note last parameter)

Name: H5Gget_objname_by_idx
    ssize_t H5Gget_objname_by_idx(hid_t loc_id, hsize_t idx, char
*name, size_t* size ) 

But, H5Gpublic.h contains the following:

H5_DLL ssize_t H5Gget_objname_by_idx(hid_t loc_id, hsize_t idx, char* name, 
size_t size);

The last parameter is not a pointer after all!


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