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Dear Scientific Database Researchers:

    I am organizing a workshop on databases and visualization this
    October in San Jose, CA, as part of the IEEE Visualization con-
    ference. It seems that the visualization community has largely
    ignored database management issues, and this has impacted the
    quality of their work. They could benefit greatly from insight
    into DBMS services and approaches to managing scientific data.
    All interested parties are welcome to submit. I will also field
    any questions you might have.


 JP Lee                 Institute for Visualization and Perception Research
 jlee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  University of Massachusetts at Lowell
 (508) 934-3384                   1 University Ave. Lowell, MA 01854


 **************    Call for Participation        **************

 Title:  "Workshop on Database Issues for Data Visualization"

 Place:  Visualization '93
    Red Lion Inn
    San Jose, CA

 Date:   Tuesday, October 26, 1993
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

 A full-day workshop on the application of database technology to data
 visualization will be held during the 1993 IEEE Visualization Conference.
 The purpose of the workshop will be to provide a forum for the presentation,
 discussion, and evaluation of designs that apply database technology to the
 data visualization problem. It seeks to bring together a diverse group of
 researchers in the database and visualization fields, along with application
 developers towards creating more supportive tools to enable the exploration,
 analysis, and visualization of complex data. It is imperative that such
 cross-fertilization occur for visualization tools to better fit the task they
 are designed for.


 Scientific visualization is an important research frontier shared by a
 variety of computational science and engineering fields. Visualization work
 is both interdisciplinary and a field in its own right.  This conference
 focuses on interdisciplinary methods and supports collaboration among the
 developers and users of visualization methods across all of science,
 engineering, and commerce.

 The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee
 on Computer Graphics, in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH


 Data Visualization deals with the effective protrayal of data with a goal
 towards insight about the data. Typically, the data is of high volume,
 multidimensional in nature, and does not lend itself to easy display. The
 data is also often spatial and temporal in nature.

 Data visualization software systems are very popular with end-user domain
 scientists who require visual tools to explore and analyze their data.
 Whereas the output issues for visualization production, i.e., image synthesis,
 have received much attention, input and data management issues have not.
 The visualization community has not embraced database technology to handle
 data access for reasons of performance and inadequacies of the available
 data models (such as relational). This workshop hopes to address these issues,
 and make a case for database technology integration into visualization.

 Database issues for data visualization have become increasingly important as
 ever-larger data set sizes and dimensionality create problems that present-day
 systems cannot handle. Collaborative computing requires multiple users and
 multiple, heterogeneous databases. Visualization system users are only given
 minimal support for querying data. Querying is limited in most cases to
 integrating filters and output rendering methods over flat data files and
 fixed data types, which is hardly "interactive".

 Two previous Workshops (Siggraph '90 and Visualization '91) have dealt with
 areas such as high-level requirements for data structures and access soft-
 ware, and data visualization environments. This workshop intends to deal with
 issues specifically related to the integration of database management systems
 with data visualization. This could also lead to low-level implementation
 issues as well. Researchers who have working applications are encouraged to
 present their work, for critique and evaluation.

 Participation is limited to 20 people.

 Position Statements and papers are welcome on the following issues as they
 relate to data visualization - we would like to keep discussions focused on
 the end result, which is improving visualization with database management

    - Requirements Visualization places on Databases
    - Data Models and Access Structures
    - Modeling the User - Tasks, Processes, Support Issues
    - Advanced User Interfaces for databases
    - Visual Languages for Visualization
    - System Integration Issues
    - Querying for Visualization
    - Distributed, Heterogeneous Data Set Issues - Data Sharing


 The Workshop format allows for the formal presentation of the papers in the
 morning session (accepted papers included in preprints). These presentations
 are designed to serve as catalysts for discussion. In addition, there will
 be a few invited papers and several afternoon workshop discussion sessions
 with designated discussion topics. Participants will have an opportunity to
 edit and resubmit their papers for possible post-workshop publication.

 PAPER SUBMISSIONS (Due 15 July 1993)

 Papers are solicited that present research results in the related areas of
 database technology as applied to visualization. Position papers will also
 be accepted.  Papers should be limited to 5,000 words and may be accompanied
 by NTSC video. Please submit 5 copies of all materials to one of the workshop


 Location: The Workshop will be held at the Red Lion Hotel, the Visualization'93
 Conference Hotel.


 There is a Park and Recreation conference that is using most of the hotel rooms
 the week before our workshop, and has 417 (of the 500) rooms booked on Friday
 and 345 booked on Saturday.  It is the largest conference that San Jose has
 ever had!  Hotel space will get very tight so please reserve rooms early and
 guarantee these for late arrival (if arriving after after 6:00 pm) with a
 credit card.  Rooms are being held until October 3, 1993. When making
 reservations please mention IEEE.

 Accommodation inquiries:
       Red Lion Hotel - Reservations
       2050 Gateway Place
       San Jose CA 95110


 Lunch as well as coffee and tea breaks will be provided.


 There is a single registration fee of US $75 which covers the technical
 session, the Workshop preprints, lunch, and morning and afternoon coffee.

 Payment: the registration fee can be paid in any convertible currency by either
 check or credit card (American Express, Mastercard or Visa).


 J.P. Lee
 Institute for Visualization and Perception Research
 University of Massachusetts at Lowell
 Lowell, MA 01854
 The MITRE Corporation
 202 Burlington Avenue
 Bedford MA 01730-1420

 email:  jlee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 fax:    +1-617-271-2964
 phone:  +1-617-271-7417

 Georges Grinstein
 Institute for Visualization and Perception Research
 University of Massachusetts at Lowell
 Lowell, MA 01854
 The MITRE Corporation
 202 Burlington Avenue
 Bedford MA 01730-1420

 email:   ggg@xxxxxxxxx, fax: +1-617-271-2964, phone: +1-617-271-7714

 Registration Form:

 Workshop on Database Issues for Data Visualization


 Last Name:______________________________________________________________

 First Name:______________________________Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms):_____________

 Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________





 Accompanying Person:____________________________________________________


                       Workshop Fee: $US 75.00

 Method of payment:

       [  ] check (make check payable to "Database  Workshop")

       Credit card

       [  ] American Express   [  ] Mastercard [  ] Visa

       Card number:____________________________________________________

       Name on card:____________________________Exp. date:_______________

       Signature (if sending by post):_______________________________________


 [  ]  I will not be staying at the Red Lion

 [  ]  I will book myself at the Red Lion

 [  ]  Please book me into the Red Lion

 [  ] Single     [  ] Double         [  ] Smoking        [  ] Non-Smoking

       Arrival date:_________________  Departure date:________________

 Please send this form by email, fax or post no later than 1 September to:

 Maria Zimmerman
 IEEE Database and Visualization Workshop Manager
 The MITRE Corporation
 202 Burlington Road
 Bedford MA 01730-1420
 Fax:          +1-617-271-2964
 Phone:        +1-617-271-2513
 Email:        rmz@xxxxxxxxx


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