Problem setting fill value.

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When I try setting the fill value for a variable of type DFNT_CHAR I 
seem to get only the first character of the string I am using. For example:

        dimSize[0] = SD_UNLIMITED;
        dimSize[1] = 17;
        sdsID = SDcreate(hdfFile, "Universal Time", DFNT_CHAR,
                                   2,               dimSize);

        fillval = (char *) malloc(sizeof("thisisafillvalue."));
        fillval = "thisisafillvalue.";
        SDsetfillvalue(sdsID, (VOIDP) fillval));

When I run ncdump on the resulting file I get:

        Universal Time:_FillValue = "t" ;

The actual values stored in the variable are fine. Am I doing something 
wrong or is this a bug ? I have a short program which illustrates this
effect. I can send a tar or sharfile of it on request.

                Ata <(|)>.

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