What's it good for?

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> Organization: Department of Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA
> Keywords: 199303241950.AA10647


(Sorry to be so tardy in answering your question, but I've just got back from
vacation and am still catching up with the mail.)

> I am considering whether to adopt the hdf-netcdf library for a project,
> but have very little information on which to base a decision.  
> Can anyone out there tell me what new things they've been able to do
> or propose to do with this package that they could not do with HDF or
> NetCDF alone?

For one, you can use NCSA tools such as `collage' to browse data in netCDF
files.  `collage' supports collaborative interactive data analyses, so if
you have need for such capabilities, this is the only way I know of that you
can do it currently.  Note: you may have to wait for the next release of
`collage' or get an alpha-release that is linked against the current
alpha-release hdf3.3a4 library.


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