Appending data.

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I would like to add data to an HDF-netCDF (HCF ?) file one record at a time. 
The reason is I have data files containing many Megabytes of data records. 
Storing the data in an array before writing into an HCF file is not feasible. 
Is there a simple way to do this ? I know the Vset interface allows you to 
append data, but I would like to use the SD interface since it "more 
compatible" (ie nearly the same look-and-feel) with the netCDF C interface.
FYI, I use Vsets as a fast prototyping interface. I have looked in the 
mdoc.txt but there is no mention of "append". If there is not such interface, 
I would ask you to add one in the next release. So far I have not encountered 
any problems using hdf3.3a3 pn my Decstation 5000 running Ultrix 4.2a (except 
during the build procedure as I described in my report). Your help would be 
greatly appreciated.

        best regards
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