netcdf efficiency

NOTE: The netcdf-hdf mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.

Russ mentioned that current netcdf efficiency could be improved:

>...  The performance of netCDF in some common applications relates
>more to the stdio layer below XDR than to XDR: the buffering scheme of stdio
>is not optimal for styles of access used by netCDF.  We have evidence that
>this can be fixed without abandoning XDR or the advantages of a single
>external representation.

Any plans to "fix" this?  The VMS port has specific information on
how this port could be speeded up (by going to a lower level io via
qio's).  The analogy for unix, I presume, would be to write ones own
level of read/write calls directly.  Obviously I don't expect this to
be done for all platforms, just the ones we run on :-)

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