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> I do have some comments. Unfortunately my printer only printed the first 
> five pages so I appologize if some of these issues are covered after page 5.


> Well enough for now. I've got to go print the rest out.

The version I got and printed also only had five pages, and seems to end
rather abruptly.  Is this the whole document, or did it get truncated in
the process of copying it to the FTP directory on

  -rw-rw-r--  1 russ       127056 May  6 16:52

Also, we had made some of the points raised by Ethan Alpert and Keith
Searight in private email on an earlier eight-page draft of which we only
had a hard copy.  It might be useful for Mike Folk to post his reply to
those comments (if he's agreeable), but it also might be confusing to those
who only saw the later draft that incorporated some of the earlier comments
and suggestions.


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