Status of LEAD 3/6/2007

Hi Folks,

We've had another very interesting week of using LEAD for supporting folks in 
the WxChallenge.  I'd like to start by thanking you all very much for your 
continued beta use of LEAD and for all your excellent feedback. Please keep it 
up!  We hope that you join us in seeing the tremendous promise of LEAD despite 
the difficulties you may have had along the way.  Here is some information for 
you as you prepare for the WxChallenge tournament stage during which we hope 
you continue to use LEAD to augment your WxChallenge prediction work.  There 
are a number of issues so I provide a contents and section approach to this 

WRF numerical instabilities

Workflow generated soundings bug fixed

Delivery of files to MyWorkspace

Download of large files using Internet Explorer

Maintenance on various machines is complete

************* WRF numerical instabilities *************

We continue to be somewhat vexed by these, particularly in the ADAS 
initialization cases.  Terrain seems to be a key factor in the problems and so 
we're hopeful that you will be able to use both the ADAS and the NAM 
initialized forecast workflows during the tournament phase as the area around 
Topeka is less variable than that around Rapid City.  Please feel free to use 
both workflow types and provide us feedback on your experiences through the 
support system (either contact us from the portal or e-mail directly to 

*************  Workflow generated soundings bug fixed **************

WxChallenge statistics page:  The implementation of the WxChallenge statistics 
page:   allowed LEAD developers to 
identify a bug in the service that provides the soundings generated over the 
locations of interest. (I.e. the WRF-ASCII-Soundings:Extract service).   This 
bug has been corrected and so your soundings files (i.e. in MyWorkspace with 
.sfc extension) should now have correct and complete information, as should the 
web page.

************* Delivery of files to MyWorkspace ************

The issue with delivery of files generated to by the workflow to users' 
MyWorkspace is now better understood, though is not yet completely resolved.  
If you are finding that your files are not showing up in your workspace, please 
notify us via the Contact Us link or via the support-lead@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
e-mail address and let us know.  We now have a workaround to quickly get those 
files registered in the case where the automated registration is not working.

************* Download of large files using Internet Explorer ************

Users who use Internet Explorer as their browser of choice are unable to 
download files of a size greater than 2 Gigabytes.  This is a limitation with 
Internet Explorer, so the only workaround is to use a different browser such as 

************* Maintenance on various machines is complete ***********

Maintenance work on machines at OU and IU caused some capabilities to be 
unavailable for short periods this week.  All the maintenance should now be

Again thanks for being a beta user of LEAD!  We're most grateful to you for 
your service to the project.

Best regards,
Tom Baltzer

LEAD Project
Unidata Program Center

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