[ldm-users] dual illumination

For those interested, we have set one of our noaaport dishes to the new galaxy-28 bird, and kept our second dish on ses-1 until the final switch, so we can both compare signal quality and conduct a little experiment on signal quality between a solid and mesh dish.

Statistics are live comparing signal to noise ratio, signal strength, and volume etc....


fyi I set my inbound stream from the novra directly into its own nic (eth1) to provide a clean volume assessment and xfer, then outbound to downstream boxes on eth0 :

For my downstream and backup friends, both dishes are feeding into my outbound relays so you are receiving data from both, based upon whatever measure Steve Emmerson uses to determine which feed is primary (the novras and relays are all on the same lan etc..)

If we have 'active weather' you can also view our live webcam to see how snow buildup and such on the dishes affect parabolics.. (i know.. i'm a geek lol)

Merry Christmas!



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