Re: [ldm-users] [DATAFLOW #RXH-16399-154] NOAAPort ReXmits

Sorry for the delay in response due to the holiday weekend. It looks things have settled down a bit from the higher volume that you sent us the screenshot of on Sunday. I'm fairly new to these NOAAPort volumes so what is typical of a baseline that you've seen? My best guess is that due to the active weather over the weekend, there was a higher volume than normal with the volume dropping back to a more normal range now.

Welcome to the Dataflow team! The normal ebbs and flows of NOAAPort volume are not greatly influenced by "active weather," but can of course show an increase during extreme events. The changes introduced by re-transmits however can cause NOAAPort to "flatline." Here is a highlight of such an event from last Sunday that you mentioned:

Notice that the numbers are negative, and I have drawn a red box around the area of retransmits that occurred from Saturday evening through Sunday, then the normal ebbs and flows of volume resumed. The problem with the "flatlining" is that it can cause delays in product receipt that most would not notice unless they are overly familiar or acutely monitor product receipt times; but of course, it is something that should not occur. The first link on my personal site displays live statistics on my NOAAPort Array: Feel free to look anytime you wish. In the title bar of the Volume Chart is a link to "History" that will display volume archives by day, week, month, and year. Feel free to peruse them to help heighten your understanding of NOAAPort trends, and feel free to ping me whenever you like. We weather peeps have to stick together!




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