Re: [ldm-users] links/resources for ldmd.conf and pqact.conf for various products?

Hi Joseph,

You might try the following link as a resource for configuring pqact.conf:

The page is written for AWIPS II, but it can probably be tailored for your application, I'm assuming you already have a data feed and are interested in saving products to file or piping to a script for additional use.

Blue sky idea for Unidata developers: Either include something similar to this with the default LDM tar bundle or create a script to generate this (similar to the gen_pqact.csh that comes with Gempak, but replacing references for decoders with references to file products within a directory structure).

Slightly off topic: At Plymouth State, we're migrating generation of some model products from Gempak to NCL. We're finding that there are some operational limitations to using NCL with Opendap GRIB/netCDF datasets and are investigating using local GRIB products ingested by LDM as an alternative source. I've been doing one off edits of pqact.conf on a case by case basis, but it would be nice if there were a resource to generate a pqact.conf for all current model products (& subsequently keeping it up to date as new products come out). If NCL could handle Gempak files directly, it would be less of an issue.

Hope this helps,
Brendon Hoch, M.S.
MSC 48, Boyd Science Center 319
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264
(603)535-2818 Fax: (603)535-2723

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