Re: [ldm-users] incomplete ldm productID for some NGRID products

Hi Daryl!

We have long been annoyed when instances like this occur. Heck, RUC2 is
still the 'convention' and MRF/AVN titled grids can still be found in
deep, dark crevices! I *think* it's just an LDM issue. In fact, the
RAP/HRRR upgrade caused some fields to only be recognized by the HDS and
not NGRID feed, an issue that I again believe was on the LDM side.


Sorry to report, but the only one I recognize out of your suspect list is

Those are MRMS products ( that we
have been receiving for quite some time over the SBN NOAAport NGRID feed.

Vittorio (Victor) A. Gensini, Ph.D.
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College of DuPage
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On 9/15/16 3:17 PM, "daryl herzmann" <akrherz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>The wild goose chase I am on today is to audit my processing of NGRID
>products and see why some LDM productIDs use numbers and not character
>descriptors for some grids.  So lets start by auditing the NGRID products
>for 12 UTC on 14 September 2016.
>As a refresher, here's an example productID
>LEMF98 KWNH 141200 !grib2/ncep/NCEP_QPF/#001/201609141200F030/APCP06/0 -
>So I am interested in using the grib2 translated string of
>Here's a listing of unique portions of the expanded LDM productIDs:
>So we have five entries of interest:
>but lets backup, how are these values set in LDM... I don't have a
>noaaport dish to test things to be sure, but I think it is here:
>So the s_pds_center() and s_pds_model() appear to be important :) So our
>journey leads here:
>So '161' is not defined there.  Ah yes, the pain of grib table
>authorities.  So perhaps the listing is here:
>161 is 'US NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research', is there a
>convention on what that should be abbreviated to for the purposes of
>gribid.c tables?  So now onto the unknown models
>Are those here?
>161  'Reserved'
>118  URMA (UnRestricted Mesoscale Analysis)
>15   Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS)
>17   Extra-tropical Storm Surge Pacific Domain
>221  Reserved for WPC products
>Do folks have thoughts on this situation?  Perhaps Unidata has some
>procedure for when and how they update LDM to add these additional IDs
>into the lookup tables?
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>  * Systems Analyst III -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet
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