Re: [ldm-users] GEFS 0.5 Degree Data

Hi Brendon, 

Here is what we have used in the past at College of DuPage:

       FILE    /home/data/models/gfs_004/\1\2\3\500F0\6.gfs004

You will need this for the 3-digit f hours:

       FILE    /home/data/models/gfs_004/\1\2\3\500F\6.gfs004

Someone much better than I at reg exps could probably do that in one line. 


Dr. Vittorio (Victor) A. Gensini
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Subject: [ldm-users] GEFS 0.5 Degree Data


I'm using the following Unidata supplied pqact entry to get GEFS 1.0
degree data piped into Gempak dcgrib2:

(data/nccf|data2/TIGGE).*/(ge[cp][0-9][0-9])\.t[0-2][0-9]z\.pgrb2.* !(.*)!
         PIPE    dcgrib2 -v 1 -m 10000 -e ENSEXT=0 -d
         -e GEMTBL=/usr/local/gempak/GEMPAK7.2/gempak/tables

Does anyone know if GEFS 0.5 degree data is available & what the
appropriate pqact entry would be to save raw GRIB2 files (for use in NCL
rather than Gempak)?  We're currently retrieving via NCL's opendap, but
it's slow.  If we're already getting the data via the firehose anyway,
might as well use it.


Brendon Hoch, M.S.
Director of IT & Instrumentation
Judd Gregg Meteorology Institute
MSC 48, Boyd Science Center 319
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264
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