[ldm-users] CONDUIT NDFD 2.5km Issues

Good morning LDM Users,

Does anybody know if there are currently some issues with processing of NDFD 2.5km data onto CONDUIT? My ingest process has been noticing missing precip files and as I debug things this morning, I am noticing other funky things with the feed. So for example, here are some current files in the LDM 6.13.2 queue of mine:

602457 20160728112828.865903 CONDUIT 010
!grib2/nwstg/NWS_0/#000/201607281130F06030/P-3569M/0 - NONE! 000010

471908 20160728105621.886987 CONDUIT 001
!grib2/nwstg/NWS_0/#000/201607281100F013/PP000000PA/0 - NONE! 000001

So notice the 'P-3569M' and 'PP000000PA'.  These types of problems could
have been around for a while, anyway...

More importantly, I have noticed an uptick of missing QPF grids in the recent files produced this week. For example, the 00 UTC files for 28 July are completely missing the QPF grids...

I did a check over these 00 UTC grids since 1 June and only find issues with files produced these past few days...

Any ideas?

 * daryl herzmann
 * Systems Analyst III -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet
 * https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu

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