[ldm-users] FW: diagnosing problem when ldmping works one-way (not both ways)



I thought that was for logging properly - which is working fine. I'm wondering 
about the iptables. I will run the setuid in a little while (stepping away from 
the computer to mow the lawn...might not be able to mow tomorrow).


Root-actions is a common problem, but it could also be a firewall issue for 
sure :)

Note Emmerson’s notes here:



An LDM is not running on the upstream host 
 host>  on the expected port (both port 388 and the upstream host's portmapper 
  will have been tried).

On iptables I use APF on my individual boxes with a custom config, then the 
network guys of course handle the router…. On a local LAN should be easy for 
you to tackle…. Ping if you need some help!.. Have fun mowing the lawn :)





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