Re: [ldm-users] NOAAPort NIDS versus files

The data on NOAAPort is compressed frame by frame via libz; once you 
uncompress, the data is identical.


On May 20, 2016 1:46:08 PM CDT, Arthur A Person <aap1@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>Anyone know if the NOAAPort NIDS files are the same data as reside in
>We are able to read the tgftp data using pyART but when we try reading
>the same NOAAPort NIDS data (e.g. differential reflectivity N0X), 
>we get an error "NotImplementedError: Level3 product with code 3338 is
>not supported". Any ideas on what this error might mean? 
>Thanks... Art 
>Arthur A. Person 
>Research Assistant, System Administrator 
>Penn State Department of Meteorology 
>email: aap1@xxxxxxx, phone: 814-863-1563 
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