[ldm-users] LDM 6.13.0 released

Dear LDM user,

Version 6.13.0 of the LDM is now available at the following URL-s:

LDM Homepage:


LDM 6.13.0 Homepage:


LDM Download Page:


As you can see from the attached CHANGE_LOG file, the major new feature
with this release is a new logging system. The previous system used the
system logging daemon by default; the new system doesn't. Instead, it
writes directly into the standard LDM log file by default. This change was
made because the previous system caused problems and wasn't 100% reliable
(see the attached CHANGE_LOG file for details).

The format of log messages is slightly different. Here's an example of a
log message from the previous system:

May 02 2016 20:16:25 chico.unidata.ucar.edu
NOTE: Starting Up(6.12.14/6): 20160502191624.896 TS_ENDT {{ANY, ".*"}},
SIG=b12852828dac75021ac15b7064439754, Primary

And here's that same type of message in the new format:

20160429T155919.718276Z oliver.unidata.ucar.edu(feed)[21104] NOTE
up6.c:445:up6_run() Starting Up(6.13.0/6): 20160429145918.709017 TS_ENDT
{{GPS, "(.*)"}}, SIG=f2693a8f53ba6736843a5300e30b68fd, Primary

Note the timestamp is now in ISO 8601 format (which should make sorting
easier). It also has microsecond resolution and is guaranteed to be in the
UTC timezone. Note also the field containing the local hostname is missing
(it was added by the system logging daemon) and a new field has been added
that specifies the location where the message was generated in the form

Aside from slight differences in the format of log messages, you should be
able to use the new logging system just like the previous one. In
particular, you will still be able to send an LDM process a SIGUSR2 signal
to rotate its logging level and the command ldmadmin newlog should still
create a new LDM log file and rotate the names of the old ones.

The old logging system still exists in the LDM library for
backward-compatibility with third-party developers.

Besides the new logging system, this version also has several other
improvements and bug-fixes. See the attached CHANGE_LOG file for details.

Steve Emmerson

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