[ldm-users] ldm piping to php scripts

good evening ldmers
for those of you that write your own php scripts and have ldm pipe to them if you use the following
like I did..
//$fp = fopen('php://stdin','r');//
//$data = "";//
//while(!feof($fp)) {//
//     $data .= fgets($fp,4096);//
/it was either a change in ldm or php that this no longer works.. (I would believe changes in php specifically my version 5.6.19)
after spending   a few days on google
and testing and testing..
I found the following works..

//$data = stream_get_contents(fopen("php://stdin", "r"));/
so before any of you go batty when you upgrade php and your php decoders cease to work
I'd figure I'd save you the trouble..

-Jeff Lake
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