[ldm-users] pqact tab woes

Hello all,

I have a system that has been up and running for a while.

It's running ldm-6.10.1 (I know it's out of date, but I don't think that
has anything to do with this issue). It's getting data just fine but I'm
having trouble with the pqact.conf.

I am using PIPE and apparently somehow my tabs are being converted to
*horizontal* tabs?    I have no idea how this is happening, maybe I'm just
going crazy but  I assume that's what's happening, because when I put pqact
into verbose mode I get this sort of output:

Jan  4 08:04:09 kpixnws pqact[3633] INFO:    71680 20160104160404.968
EXP 000
Jan  4 08:04:09 kpixnws pqact[3633] INFO:                pipe: -close*#011*
Jan  4 08:04:09 kpixnws pqact[3633] INFO: Deleting closed PIPE entry:
pid=6793, cmd="-close /home/ldm/w2receive_multiple_files.sh
/data/incoming/KPIX" [filel.c:290]

Through some searching the "#011" are apparently ascii horizontal tabs.  I
have retyped the lines multiple times, but only get rid of the odd ascii
character by removing the tabs and putting spaces in.  Unfortunately things
still didn't get piped through my script due to the missing tabs.

The data is fine, in fact a FILE entry in the pqact.conf works fine (tabs
there are okay?) and I am able to cat them through my script by hand and it
works fine.

Also, the lines that were in there worked just fine in the past.  AFAIK
there have been no changes to the system except for a reboot.  I'm starting
to wonder if something is corrupted.

Any ideas?

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the presence of those who think they’ve found it."
 -- Terry Prachett


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