[ldm-users] NLDN GEMPAK decoding

Thanks again to everyone who has been getting back to us about the NLDN feed, 
which now appears to be working in terms of clients being able to connect and 
receive the binary-format decoded bulletins as they come in each minute.

We have had several reports of folks having trouble with the GEMPAK-decoded 
files.  Specifically, while some of the files appear to be correct in terms of 
the naming convention (e.g. 2015120222_00.gem), others have strange dates ... 
e.g. years like 1987, 2016, etc.

So far, those problems seem to be occurring on those systems that are running 
Solaris.  I am not sure if this is due to the Solaris OS itself, or Sparc 
versus Intel CPU's.  I tried on our Sparc Solaris 10 machine running 6.10 and 
noted the strange dates.  The two Linux hosts, both of which are running GEMPAK 
7 and 7.2, are producing only the GEMPAK files that one would normally expect.

If you are seeing strange GEMPAK NLDN files, please respond back letting us 

1) your version of GEMPAK (e.g. 7.2, 6.10, 5.11 ...)
2) your operating system
3) If Solaris, Intel or Sparc?



Kevin Tyle, Systems Administrator 
Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences   
University at Albany
Earth Science 235, 1400 Washington Avenue                        
Albany, NY 12222
Email: ktyle@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 518-442-4578                             

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