Re: [ldm-users] NLDN feed down

Correct ... the NLDN feed is not sending meaningful products at this time.  In 
fact I think I will disable the server to avoid confusion.  As David 
recommended earlier this week, use the USPLN/NAPLN feeds for your lightning 
data assuming you have access to them.

Sorry again for the trouble; we and Unidata staff are engaged on work to get 
the feed re-enabled ASAP.

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    Are there still problems with NLDN feeds out there? Our files being 
received appear jumbled. NLDN19820340735   NLDN20103281140
NLDN20181410205. Is anybody else seeing these?



Knight, David wrote on 11/16/2015 2:51 PM:
> Hi all,
>       The NLDN lightning feed from striker2 is currently not working 
> properly. It is sending out products, but since about 16Z 12 November 
> those products have not contained any useful data. It is a slow time 
> of year, but there has been lightning since Nov 12.
>        We are working toward finding a solution to this problem.
> In the mean time, you might want to use the USPLN/NAPLN/GLN data feed.
> Thanks for your patience as we work to get NLDN going again.
> David
> David Knight
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